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Who Let the dogs in?

It was a dog day at St Mark’s Church, Hale, on Sunday, January 24, when the church held a pet service.

The service was a hit with a canine congregation and their owners who came forward to ask a blessing on their animals and also explained why pets are so important to them. The company and calming effects of having a pet were among the reasons given, and some spoke of the realisation that animals were God’s creatures too. One (human) member of the congregation said afterwards:?“It showed that church is about the whole of our lives”.

The dogs remained silent through the hymns, which included ‘All God’s Creatures Got A Place In The Choir’, though there was much panting heard during some of the prayers.

Stella Wiseman

St Mark’s to Hold a Pet Service

The animals will hopefully come in two-by-two on Sunday 24th January at 3pm when St Mark’s Church in Upper Hale hold their pet service.

The service, which will allow people to give thanks to God for the animal kingdom and have their pets blessed will be followed by a Bring-and-Share buffet tea.

The Reverend Lesley Crawley said: “We are running the service as some people on Facebook asked whether we could have a Pet Service in the parish and it seemed like an excellent idea! Everyone is welcome to come along and bring their pets for a blessing and also a plate of food to share afterwards, if they would like to.”