Bring your pets to church

We invite barking, squeaking, chirping and maybe even a little slithering at church on Sunday, October 2 when the parish holds a pet service at each of its three churches.

Pets of all shapes and sizes will be welcomed to St John’s at 9.30am, St George’s at 10am and St Mark’s at 11am, for a service to celebrate our pets and ask for God’s blessing on them. Anyone who doesn’t want to bring their pet but still wants to celebrate them and have them blessed is encouraged to bring a photo of the pet. Children are welcome to bring toy pets and come dressed as animals too.

Rev’d Stella Wiseman says: “We decided to hold the service on October 2nd as it is a day which celebrates St Francis of Assisi who was known for his love of and care for animals and is often depicted with them. Our pets bring us great joy and are part of God’s creation so we want to celebrate them and give thanks for everything they give us. For many people having a pet is an enormous comfort and can help our mental health by reducing stress and anxiety. They can also be great companions especially to people who are on their own.

“We expect the services to be chaotic and great fun, so please come along! However, there will also be an earlier communion service at St George’s at 9am for people who prefer their worship without animal accompaniment!

To join in the fun, come to any of the three churches on Sunday, October 2.

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