Churchyard Information

At the moment we are documenting who is in the churchyard. We have an interactive map that can be found here.

Some of the information can be found here on a document we affectionately call the Vick List.

A number of residents of Farnham Workhouse are believed to have been buried here, but we can find no evidence.  Information on the workhouse can be found here and here.  A list of names we believe were buried in the churchyard can be found here.

There is also a list of people who appear in the Burial Register, but for whom we can find no record of a location in the churchyard.  We believe that these may have been funerals taken by the vicar, in another location.

This information is being updated and is not yet complete, to find out more contact Alan.

Thanks to Nicola Covey and Marion Bridger for their help.

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