Need your Banns called here?

If you are marrying in a Church of England Church and don’t live in the Parish you will usually require Banns to be called in the Parish in which you live.  The priest preparing you for marriage should tell you this and may help identify which parish that is.

If you think that it is our Parish, please check this using this web site: ACNY.  Beware that it will also show your nearest church, which isn’t always your parish church – you should look for the one that says “This is the Parish Church” in red.

Please complete this form: Away Banns form (Word) or Away Banns form (pdf) and post a signed copy to Stella Wiseman, The Parish Office, St Mark’s Church, Alma Lane, Upper Hale, GU9 0LT.  The fees (detailed in the form) can be sent with the application or paid by bank transfer.

We usually call Banns two months before the wedding, eg for an August Wedding (any date) we will call the Banns on the first three Sundays of June.  It is helpful if you can attend at least once, preferably the first time, to make sure that we have things right.  If it is too late for this please contact Alan Crawley asap as special provision will have to be made.

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