The Bishop Sumner Educational Foundation

Grants made

Are you a student seeking Financial Assistance?

Perhaps you know someone who requires our support?

The Bishop Sumner Educational Foundation can offer grants to young persons for such examples (but not exclusively) as:

  • Educational travel
  • School visits
  • Textbooks
  • Sporting activities
  • Training Apprenticeship Tools
  • Musical instrument or lessons
  • School uniform or equipment
  • Other education  related activities, needs or sponsorship

Provided you live in the Ancient Parish of Farnham; are attending school, college or university and are not over the age of 24 years, then you are eligible to apply.

Applicants are required to give specific details of their requirements, with associated costs, to enable the fullest and sympathetic consideration to be given by the Trustees who meet twice a year to consider grant applications in March and September.

For an application form please contact the secretary on 07807 881311.

Donations to support those in need

At present the majority of grants are awarded to those who desperately need help with the purchase of school uniforms and the funding of educational school trips.

Our funds are very limited and we are often unable to fully meet the needs of our very worthy applicants.

If you would like to donate to this important local community charity, or have benefitted from it in the past, and would like to give something back, you can make donations here:

Donate now, or you can donate by shopping online and earning small commissions for the charity by doing so:

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Bishop Sumner was Bishop of Winchester from 1827 until 1869. As was his wish, after his death in 1874, he was buried in the churchyard at St John’s. He is remembered especially for his interest in education.

The Bishop Sumner Educational Foundation (BSEF) was established by the investment of the parish share of the proceeds from the sale of the local church school. The fund is intended to assist with the education of individual students under the age of 25 whose residence is within the bounds of the ancient parish of Farnham with priority for the ecclesiastical parish of Hale.

The Priest in Charge of Badshot Lea and Hale chairs a Board of Trustees of the BSEF, comprising:

  • The Joint Rector & two Churchwardens (ex officio)
  • A representative of Badshot Lea and Hale Parochial Church Council
  • A representative of the Waverley District Council
  • A representative of Surrey County Council
  • Two co-optative trustees

Applications for consideration for financial assistance should be addressed to Chair of the Board of Trustees and applicants are advised to consult the Secretary about the timings of meetings and to make application well in advance of meetings which are usually held in November and March.

The Trustees reserve the right to make enquires about applicants and to reclaim grants from any recipient who fails to fulfil expectations satisfactorily.
Previous grants have assisted young people with academic, sporting, musical and organisational pursuits.

Members of the Board are happy to receive applications for renewed grants as students proceed through their education. At these times the members like to receive news of progress and of the use made of the previous grant.

Inevitably the purchasing power of grants able to be made each year has diminished and the Trustees suggest that successful applicants, or others, may wish to assist the fund in due course. For example text books purchased may be sold eventually and the money could be donated to the BSEF. Donations to the BSEF from recipients of help who have become established in a career would be especially welcome and would enable the Board to help future students who will face ever increasing costs.


telephone 07807 881311

Serving the Villages North of Farnham: Badshot Lea, Hale, Heath End & Weybourne