Palm Sunday Worship

During the week we experimented with a video conference service, but the delay made it very awkward, so this week we are back to this format. However, I have found out a bit more about how things work, so as well as the different options for different churches I have joined them together so that you can click once and watch one service all the way through.  If you wish to see bits from other services I have also included them.  As with last week some of the videos may have adverts at the beginning, but you can skip these after 5 seconds.  If you want to see one of the videos playing on this screen in full screen, start playing it, and then click on the YouTube logo at the bottom of it, and it should open another Window.

I have included a hymn sheet this week; click here to download it: Palm Sunday Hymn Sheet.  The hymns aren’t necessarily in the right order, and I can’t guarantee that the words are the same or in the same order – sorry.  If anyone would like to check this for future weeks, please let me know.

St John’s Service

St George’s Service

St Mark’s Service


Please send feedback on this service to Alan.  Particularly if you have ideas for things that we can make better.

If you want to come to the after church “coffee” and are struggling to get the technology to work, Alan will be at his desk and will help.  820537.

We are looking to start some groups after Easter for those who would be interested.  More details here:

We are looking for people to contribute to the Web site with various offerings – particularly things which offer an insight into Holy Week, but also other things.  Livy and June sang some Taize; Pamela has written something (which is already up); Kris has sent in some photos (including one of an Easter Garden she has made); Richard has videoed a poem he has written – these will be used during next week.  If you would like to submit something, instructions can be found here:

As a Parish we have decided that we will not be streaming communion services – an explanation of this can be found here:

There will be a Taize service tonight up from 6:00pm; Compline with Meditation Monday to Wednesday up from 6:00pm; a Service like this on Maundy Thursday, up from 6:00pm;  Services at 9:00 – The Good Friday Liturgy and 12:00 – An hour at the Cross; Holy Saturday, from 6:00 Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday from 9:00 another service like this.

There is also a page of Holy Week Resources for things that you might like to do during Holy Week:

A summary of what has been happening in the Parish can be found here:

Liturgy of the Palms

Opening Hymn

All Glory Laud & Honour by Frances or Margaret






St John’s – Make Way

St George’s – Ride On

Bonus – I Will Enter His Gates

Gospel Reading

Dramatised Reading from St George’s – Pts 1 & 2


I’m afraid you can have a couple of these!





  • St John’s & St Mark’s – Ride on Ride on in Majesty
  • St George’s – Make Way

Lord’s Prayer


St John’s – An Upper Room

St George’s – As the Deer




St John’s & St George’s – Siyahamba – We are Marching

St Mark’s – Blessed is the King who comes

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