Holy Week

During Holy Week this year you might like to watch one of these.  The first link starts a new tab in your browser in full screen, the pictures play as they are.

In addition we will be posting services at 6:00pm Mon-Thur evenings.

Mon-Wed they will be Compline, with a meditation and silence.

Thursday it will be similar to a Sunday post.

We will also post at 9:00 and 12:00 on Good Friday and 6:00 on Holy Saturday and 9:00 on Easter Day.

Jesus of Nazareth

This is six hours long, but with YouTube you can remember where you stopped and then go forwards to that point.


BBC’s The Passion

First broadcast a few years ago, it is in two parts, both around one hour 15 minutes.



Here are someone else’s ideas for Holy Week: https://www.pickingapplesofgold.com/holy-week-reflections-resource

Also, you might like to do something creative; I would like to put up a collection of other material from yourselves. I have already received a poem and some photos of nature. If you would like to write something, make something, photograph or video something you have made and send it to me please do. Instructions on how to get it to me can be found here: https://badshotleaandhale.org/2020/03/29/future-services/

Launde Abbey are offering a free online Holy Week Retreat.  Details here: https://laundeabbey.org.uk/laundeathome/holy-week-2020/

Graham Everness from St Paul’s, Dorking, has put together the following material for Holy Week: Mark These Words 1-8.

There is also a challenge for Holy Week below; a simple framework which should take you just seven minutes in each of these seven days. It comes from the Diocese of Guildford’s Lent course and you can find details of the Gospel readings and the challenges for each day. Click here.

  • Light a candle and, next to it, place the object suggested as a symbol of your own journey to the cross. Many of us continue to light a candle in our windows at 7pm. You might do it at the same time – or 7am if that suits you better!
  • Read the relevant text from Matthew’s Gospel.
  • Be still. In Psalm 4, the psalmist prayed ‘stand in awe and sin not: commune with your own heart within your chamber and be still’.
  • Be challenged. There is a little practical challenge each day.

Wintershall will be livestreaming through their Facebook page at 12 and 3pm on Good Friday. You do not have to be a Facebook member to see it, it is open to everyone. It includes pre-recorded clips of rehearsals from their Passion Play 2020, clips and interviews from the other cities and towns taking part in the One Good Friday 2020 project.

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