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Worship for 3rd Sunday of Easter, St George’s Day and St Mark’s Day

Hello, today we have a veritable smorgasbord of services for you, a completely different one for each of our churches including different sermons. Perhaps you can enjoy them all through the week.

At St John’s we have an Easter 3 service looking at the story of Cleopas on the road to Emmaus, St George’s are celebrating St George’s Day with an All Age service and St Mark’s are celebrating St Mark’s Day.

In the bonus pieces below is video showing a way of reflecting on the Emmaus Road – especially good for younger people, with lots of wondering questions. There is also a piece asking the question “Isn’t the Bible sexist” with a lovely quote from Dorothy Sayers – this relates to Lesley’s St John’s sermon. Also, a play and Allelu, Allelu – a couple of highlights from the St George’s service! St Mark’s discussed what they miss about going to church, you can see the answers here. Also I have added the sermons (6 of them!) at the bottom, including one from Bishop Jo.

St John’s

St George’s – St George’s Day

St Mark’s – St Mark’s Day

Happy Birthday

to Tricia & Christine C.

Bonus Pieces

The Gospel Reading, Godly Play version – The Emmaus Road.

Relating to Lesley’s Easter 3 sermon:

Feel free to do the actions:


Do you like the Book of Common Prayer?

Join us in worship this Sunday Evening at 5pm on Facebook or via our online services page for a service of Book of Common Prayer (BCP) Evening Prayer.

It is a service in Traditional Language and with readings from the King James Version of the Bible. Even if you have never experienced  it before it might be something you enjoy. Below is the story of my journey with the BCP, from an article I wrote in the magazine a while back:

When I was a curate, I was in a benefice of seven rural churches. All of them had BCP services regularly, some of them only had BCP services. For my first year of curacy I was ordained deacon, which meant I couldn’t take Communion services. Consequently, each Sunday I would take BCP Matins and Evensong, it was rare for me to attend a modern language service. After I was ordained priest, I added in the 8 O’clock BCP Communion services, but it was still fairly rare for me to do a modern language Communion Service throughout the rest of my curacy – there weren’t all that may of them in the Benefice and my Training Incumbent liked doing them!

My curacy was my very first introduction to BCP. I became a Christian in 1984 and by then it was the Alternative Service Book (ASB) in churches, I had no idea that BCP had ever existed. Being immersed in the strange world of BCP was a fascinating experience.

I must stop at this point and confess that I am nostalgic in the extreme – it is one of my many faults. I love old buildings and their sense of heritage and history. I resist changes sometimes because of this, I have a strange longing for the past, a desire to cling onto it. I wonder whether it is because I grew up without any roots, always moving schools and countries. I longed for things of ‘home’ – English drizzle and red London buses and custard creams… I was hardly ever in the country and whenever I did arrive back in England things had changed and I didn’t like it.

Anyway, needless to say I loved the BCP, I loved the poetry of the language, I was charmed by the way that words have changed their meaning, and I enjoyed using those words with their old meaning. I found particular words and phrases incredibly challenging or comforting or meaningful – they pulled me into the presence of God. I loved the way that words were paired together like peace and concord, celebrating the depth and range of our language and behind that the diversity of all the peoples with their languages over many centuries who have come together to make our complex and many faceted nation. The repetition was also helpful – saying almost exactly the same thing each week meant that I could experience the same words that had so blessed me the previous week and I found that those words continued to bless me from then on, week in and week out.

Alan and I have tried to recreate something of this in the online service. It isn’t all that easy to do, please let us know whether you value this.

Recording Material for inclusion in Parish Videos

We are asking for material for parish videos and you don’t have to have any particularly advanced technology to record and send them. It can be as simple as a phone call. Read on…

If you have only a telephone with no special features …

Alan can record any comments you would like to make over the phone.  Please call the Rectory and arrange a time to do this.  It will involve calling Alan on his mobile – and a number will be provided to do this.

If you have a smartphone/computer with camera and microphone

Large files can be sent to Alan via https://www.filemail.com/

If you don’t know how to use the computer to do this

  1. Click on the magnifying glass at the bottom left of the screen.
  2. Search for Camera (or Voice Recorder if you just want to record your voice)
  3. Click on the Camera App option/Voice Recorder Option
  4. Click on the Video button on the right hand side of the screen so that it is white and click on it again to start recording.  It will turn red, click there to stop recording.
    The Voice recorder will look like one of the other two pictures, depending on whether there is already a recording in the folder.  Click on the microphone to start recording.  There will be a blue circle with a square in it to stop recording.
  5. CameraSoundSound more 1
  6. Open File Explorer Pictures / Camera Roll – you should find the video you have recorded there.  Sound is in Documents/Sound Recording.
  7. Use FileMail, TransferXL or PCloud (works better on mobiles) to select a video and send it to Alan.

Using a mobile/tablet

  1. Record the video – turn your device to landscape mode – it gives a bigger picture.
  2. Use PCloud to select the video and send it to Alan.


“Click Here” to attach a file.


Click on Files


Find the Video and click on it.


Fill in Alan’s email address: revd.alan@badshotleaandhale.org and your own and an optional message and click SEND FILES.

I look forwards to receiving lots of material.

Holy Week – Tuesday

On the first three days of this Holy Week we will be having services of Compline with a short video and reflection.  Today we look at the Watch.

If you click on the YouTube logo at the bottom of the screen you can make the video full screen.  This doesn’t work on the video clip, as the clip doesn’t stop if you do!

If you cannot see the responses at the top of the screen, please move your mouse so that it is not over the video.

Article referred to in meditation:

Holy Week – Monday

On the first three days of this Holy Week we will be having services of Compline with a short video and reflection.  We start today with the foot washing.

As these services use a clip from a longer piece, you cannot click through to YouTube for the video clip, as the clip doesn’t stop if you do!

I have just discovered that my videos have text over the words I put into them.  If you move the mouse away from the video these other display items will disappear, allowing you to read the text.