What has been happening in the Parish?

During the last 3 weeks a number of changes have occurred in the parish.


Look after ourselves

At this time all of our first priorities is to look after ourselves and others – if we do not we may unwittingly spread the virus.

Look after others

We also need to look after others.  Many in the congregations will be over 70 or have preexisting conditions which mean that they have to self isolate, but even when self isolating we can look after others – and neither we or they have to be churchgoers to do it: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/apr/04/elderly-people-in-uk-set-up-support-networks-to-tackle-coronavirus.  We can also look after others by helping with shopping, or collecting prescriptions.  Farnham is organising this well: https://badshotleaandhale.org/2020/03/26/farnham-and-villages-helpline/, and there is no need for the churches to set up in competition, so if you have the time and are able, please consider joining in with that.  Here is some information on what this is doing: https://www.facebook.com/farnhamofficial/videos/222226172190384/

Wendy is building up a list of who is in contact with whom, so that we can identify anyone missed out.

Stella is acting as a contact for those who need help or are offering it, although this should be moving to the helpline as they are better resourced to manage this.


We are looking at ways to replace our worship.  A pattern is developing, and more will be done on this.

Things that have happened

The Standing Committee + Stella and Wendy are meeting Weekly to review the mountains of advice which is coming at us from the government, the national church and the diocese.

Our buildings are closed, but they are being inspected from the outside daily during someone’s daily exercise; from the inside weekly during someone’s daily exercise; and people who live locally have been asked to keep an eye out for anything unusual happening around them.

Alan & Lesley have both had the coronavirus (self diagnosed) since 16th March and have been self isolating, although neither of us has had breathing difficulties.  Alan is recovering and has been able to do a lot on the web; Lesley has got better, but is less able to do anything, and hasn’t answered many emails.

Image by Santiago Lacarta from Pixabay

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