Remembrance Sunday

This year’s Remembrance Sunday is particularly poignant, as it falls exactly 100 years to the day on which World War One ended.

Although none of the veterans who served in that war – the ‘war to end all wars’ – are now alive, the horror and the sacrifices continue to resonate, something that has been obvious in the community commemorations that have been taking place and will take place this weekend. Remembrance Sunday also commemorates those who have died and suffered in subsequent wars, right up to today where wars continue to destroy people, their homes and communities.

Over the last few days we have held community commemorations at both St John’s and St George’s, where children from local schools and others from the area have contributed poetry and art, and the churches remain full of these contributions. At St Mark’s, the church has been decorated with red and white poppies created by the community there.

Alan also rededicated the war memorial in Weybourne this week, accompanied by representatives from local schools, the Royal British Legion, the Mayor of Farnham and members of 4th Battalion The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment.

This Sunday we are holding the following services of Remembrance:

In Hale, the 9.30am service at St John’s will be followed by a gathering at 10.45am at the War Memorial, and there will be an 11.15am service at St Mark’s with prayer stations on the theme of peace.

In Badshot Lea, the 10am shortened service at St George’s will be followed by a gathering at 10.50am at the War Memorial. There will then be a service for all ages at 11.30am.

In Weybourne, a service at 4pm at the War Memorial will be followed by refreshments in the Village Hall.

Please do join us at any of these events.

One thought on “Remembrance Sunday”

  1. Good to see that both red and white poppies have been used. This was the war to end all wars, we need to refocus and strive for that to be our aim

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