Online Services

Here are the online services for the parish. They will appear below each week.

20/11/22Christ the King9am
6/11/223rd before Advent9am
1/11/22Advent Toddler Service9:30am
30/10/22All Saints9am
23/10/22Generosity Sunday9am
16/10/22Trinity 189am
4/10/22October Toddler Service9:30am
2/10/22Trinity 169am
25/9/22Creationtide 39am
18/9/22Commemorating Her Majesty the Queen9am
11/9/22Commemorating Her Majesty the Queen9am
6/9/22Toddler Service9:30am
4/9/22Creationtide 19am
28/7/22Trinity 119am
21/7/22Pride Service9am
14/7/22Trinity 99am
7/8/22Trinity 89am
31/7/22Trinity 79am
24/7/22Trinity 69am
17/7/22Trinity 59am
10/7/22Trinity 49am
5/7/22Toddler Service9:30am
3/7/22Trinity 39am
26/6/22Trinity 29am
19/6/22Father’s Day9am
7/6/22Toddler Service9:30am
22/5/22Easter 69am
15/5/22Easter 59am
8/5/22Easter 49am
1/5/22Easter 39am
24/4/22St George’s Day9am
17/4/22Easter Sunday9am
10/4/22Palm Sunday9am
3/4/22Lent 59am
27/3/22Mothering Sunday9am
20/3/22Lent 39am
13/3/22Lent 29am
6/3/22Lent 19am
1/3/22March Toddler Service9:30am
27/2/22Next before Lent9am
20/2/222nd before Lent9am
13/2/223rd before Lent9am
6/2/224th before Lent9am
23/1/22Epiphany 39am
16/1/22Epiphany 29am
9/1/22Baptism of Christ9am
4/1/22Toddler Service10am

Serving the Villages North of Farnham: Badshot Lea, Hale, Heath End & Weybourne