‘Let’s make Emily Rock Again’

That’s the title of St Mark’s entry for the Hale Carnival on Saturday 7th July.  The float will be a replica Emily Organ.

Chrissy has been busy collecting long thin and short fat cardboard tubes from ‘Freelance Fabrics’ and other curtain shops.  Yes, you guessed it: these tubes will be transformed into organ pipes. Some will be vertical, and painted silver, and others will be brightly coloured, and at rakish angles.

Dave Walker is the Master Mind behind this project.  He is constructing the base to support the 5′ high pipes.  Please come to that hub of creativity – the St Mark’s coffee morning each Thursday – if you’re a keen Pipe Painter, and help us make this float as attractive as possible.

The organ look-a-like will be mounted on a trailer, and recorded organ music will, we hope, sound as though it’s issuing from the pipes.  The keys of the instrument, not necessarily black and white, will be mounted on  the long sides of the trailer, so that the cheering crowds can see them.

Details of the time and place of the procession will appear in the July magazine.  Please support this crazy venture.  You never know, we might be in with a chance of winning the ‘Most Original Entry’!

Frances Whewell


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