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The Benefits of Meeting in Person

I have heard a number of people saying how wonderful it is that life has carried on as it has, and how once this is all over (all is a long way away) we don’t need to travel as much as we can do all our meetings by Zoom (other video conferencing apps exist).

I want to challenge this. I believe that we have been able to do it so far because we are living off relationships which already exist. I know there are stories of couples dating on Zoom and then getting together, but I believe that there is a fundamental difference between meeting with someone online who you already know, and forming a new relationship in that way.

This applies to both personal relationships as well as professional ones. The personal ones are perhaps more obvious with the obvious lack of touch, but I believe the professional ones also need physical presence, at least some of the time.

For example, my daughter is returning to work next week after maternity leave, and will be working from home for the foreseeable future. She will be managing staff she has never met before, as well as those she managed before she was off. There is no doubt in her mind that the former will be much harder.

Another issue that I foresee, although one which might now be a fact of life, is the “small stuff”. Twenty years ago the company I then worked for tried out video conferencing, and it did save a significant amount of travelling. However, personally I missed the conversations that took place because I was physically with someone, conversations that weren’t worth making an effort to have, but which when we were face to face cropped up. They were the times I discovered how well our service was working – it might have been well enough not to be complained about – but there were issues which if not addressed would come back to bite us. Similarly, when visiting a site I would speak to lots of different people; video conferencing it would just be the person on the call.

So, yes, when this is over lets look to change things, but please let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater and lose the personal interaction.

Quiz Night!

We are holding another Quiz Night for the parish – this Saturday evening (May 30) at 7.30pm, on Zoom.

Last time we had around 16 teams who tackled an admittedly tricky quiz (strong words were had with the quiz master afterwards!) and we are aiming for even more this time and perhaps slightly more user-friendly questions. In fact the quiz master has resigned on the grounds that he wants a chance to answer questions too and the quiz will be devised and compered by Ed Eggleton.

We’ve also learned a lot about Zoom in the past few weeks so that should all be smoother too!

Last time we raised around £100 for the parish through donations and there will be the chance to donate again. Let’s beat that number too!

Want to join in? Email Stella on admin@badshotleaandhale.org and she’ll send the Zoom link.

See you on Saturday!

Join the Quiz Night!

We’re holding a Zoom Quiz Night on Saturday, May 2, at 7.30pm, and everyone is invited.

The Wiseman-Eggleton household (aka the Wise-Eggs) are organising the quiz and there will be a number of rounds on lots of different topics, with breaks for snacks and drinks, and you’ll need to be able to email your answers in. You can be a team on your own, or in a household, or get together over the phone with some friends. We suggest teams of no more than six.

You’ll need Zoom but it’s easy to download and use and there is information on how to do so here.

The quiz is free to join though there will be an opportunity to make donations to support the church’s work in the community.

Anyone who would like to join in should contact Stella Wiseman on 07842 761919 or news@badshotleaandhale.org and she will send a link to the quiz night nearer the time.

Joining After-Church Coffee on a Mobile Phone or Tablet

You may be aware that we have been videoconferencing after church coffee.  If you have a smart phone and would like to join us, here are the instructions.  These take screen shots from a recent version of Android, but I guess iPhones work similarly (the picture above is an iPhone, so don’t worry if yours doesn’t look like that).

Microsoft Teams

Go into the Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple).


In the bar at the top type Microsoft Teams


Click on Microsoft Teams in the list.


Your screen should say install (mine says open because it is already installed).  Click on that.

When the time to join comes, click on the link in the Weekly Notices, or the invitation that has been emailed to you.


Go into the Play Store as above.

type zoom


Pick Zoom Cloud Meetings.


Click on Install as above.

When the time to join comes, click on the link in the Weekly Notices, or the invitation that has been emailed to you.

Getting Weekly Notices

If you do not currently get the weekly notices, you can sign up here.

Photo by: Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay


Using Zoom

We will be using Zoom for some meetings over the coming weeks, and whilst you don’t have to do much to use it there are somethings that you have to do, so here are the instructions.

Windows Computers

  1. You will receive an email with a link to the meeting, which you should click on.  It will look like this:
  2. The first time that you do this you will be prompted to download some software, which will probably start automatically
  3. Screen
  4. You should then run this to install the software to receive the meeting
  5. You will be asked if you want to allow Zoom to install the software – this screen may not appear on top of other things on your computer but will appear at the bottom of the screen as a yellow and blue shield.  Switch to that message and allow it to update your computer.
  6. Then it will prompt you for your screen name, which is what people will see you being called.

You only have to do all this the first time.

Smart Phones

You will need to install an app from one of the stores before clicking on the link – probably called Zoom Cloud Meetings!