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APCM 2023

Our Annual Meeting of Parishioners, for anyone living in the parish, takes place on Sunday, May 21st, at 3pm at St Mark’s. This is the meeting at which churchwardens are elected. This will be followed immediately by the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) which is for those on the parish electoral roll.

The documents for both meetings are below and can be downloaded.

New Churchwardens and PCC

Thank-you to all those who came to the APCM last night. Congratulations to our new churchwardens and PCC:


St G – Carol Le Page

St J – Pamela Marsham

St M – Bob Shatwell

Deputy Wardens:

St G – Maxine Everitt

St J – vacant

St M – Margaret Emberson

PCC Members:

St G – Kris Lawrence, Gemma Brown, Bill Thomas, Annie Thomas, Oliver, Haynes, John Boas

St J – Angela Hall, Sylvie Burrows, Gillian Geraghty, Diana Thomas

St M – Sarah Kay, Stella Wiseman

Deanery Synod Representatives:


We also elected Lesley Swan as PCC Treasurer and Gemma Brown as PCC Secretary

Please pray for our PCC as they serve us over the next year

You can find the review document here and the powerpoint presentation here.

Please come and join us on the PCC

Please read on – don’t think “This is not for me”!

I have served on the PCC on and off (more on than off!) for the last … years. When I first became a member of Badshot Lea PCC Rev Paul Holt was the vicar and Mervyn Webb was PCC Secretary. We seemed to spend most meetings discussing the lawn mower! Then we went to The Crown and talked about interesting things over a drink!

Some PCC Chairpersons have been better than others but hours have been spent over the years with sometimes not a lot in the way of an outcome. I know many of you will empathise with this comment and probably think you would avoid joining us for this reason.

Nowadays this is certainly not the case. Rev Alan chairs the meetings gently but no time is wasted. In advance of the meeting he circulates papers which need to be discussed and any background information which is relevant. This means we can think about what is involved in advance, talk about it with other members or the congregation if we wish and make decisions in a timely manner at the meeting. We can then spend time on discussions about more spiritual matters.

In the last year we have made real progress in many areas which you can read about in my report in the Annual Booklet.

I am asking you to consider joining us as we have several vacancies and it is important to have a wide range of views and representation of all people in the Parish.

Meetings start at 7:30 and finish on or before 9:30. There are eight meetings per year and the dates of the meetings following the APCM are: 23/4, 11/5, 22/6, 19/7, 13/9, 18/10, 29/11, 18/1/2017, 28/2/2017.

If you are free on those dates (or most of them) please think about whether you could spare a couple of hours eight times a year and serve the Church in a very important way.

I am happy to talk with anyone who might be interested as I am sure would everyone else on the PCC.

Gemma Brown

PCC Secretary