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We all have to do it but probably pay it little attention.

Once a month for the last six months Suzette Jones, The Diocesan Health and Well Being Adviser, has been leading us in Mindfulness sessions at St Mark’s Centre. Using Suzette’s simple technique it is possible to find moments to be mindful wherever we are – in queue, a traffic jam, even at the dentist’s.

Mindfulness is simply focussing on the breath and being present in the moment. Just by breathing attentively for a few minutes I have been able to step away from my busyness and whirling thoughts to find a little calm and perspective. I have found it liberating to realise that I don’t have to be doing all the time, it is ok to stop and be.

Many of us who have attended the sessions have managed to incorporate some mindful breathing into our lives and found it really beneficial in different ways.

It is so easy and impossible to get wrong. Come and sit with us and breathe.
Sue Jones

Next Mindfulness Sessions at St Mark’s Church, Alma Lane, GU9 0LT are on Monday Mornings 9:30-10:20am on 30th March, 27th April, 1st June


Silence is really absolutely necessary for the human spirit if it really is to thrive. Not only just to thrive, but to be creative, to have a creative response to life, to our environment, to our friends. Because the silence gives our spirit room to breathe, room to be.
In silence, you don’t have to be justifying yourself, apologising for yourself, trying to impress anyone. You just have to be. It’s a most marvellous experience when you come to it. The wonder of it is that, in that experience, you are completely free. You are not trying to play any role; you are not trying to fulfil anyone’s expectations.
(John Main, The Hunger for Depth and Meaning)