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The June Magazine is here

The sun is out and so is the June magazine! This month’s magazine is packed full of news and events about our parish which isn’t confined to the villages we serve locally – lovely though they all are! Being online has allowed us to reach out far further and welcome people who can’t be with us physically.

Take the flower festival for instance. Among the 300+ entries were ones from friends of the parish from around the country. Take a look at some of the entries in the magazine and, of course, online.

There’s news of upcoming events – Father’s Day’s an important one as is the fete on July 3 – new classes, new rooms, a new business, our new youth hub, the new mayor and North Farnham councillor, along with lots more including Kitty Milroy and her media-starring murals, prayer, Jeremy Hunt, appeals for help, schools news, the Church Cat and more.

Enjoy reading and enjoy the sun.

Download the magazine here:

New Signs at St Mark’s

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We have some new signs at St Mark’s with our new logo on them… plus directionals so that people will be able to find their way in! Soon there will be similar signs at St George’s and St John’s too. Sadly they came a week too late for one family who were parked in the car park at St Mark’s last week but couldn’t find the right door… Reminds me of the archdeacon telling me that we obviously didn’t want anyone to come to our church. “Why?” I asked. “Because no one would be able to find their way in,” he said.