Come to a Kitty birthday celebration

Sunday, November 6th, 11am

Everyone is invited to a celebration of the Kitty Milroy murals and the artist Kitty Milroy herself at St Mark’s Church, on the morning of Sunday, November 6th at 11am, just two days before the anniversary of her birth on November 8th, 1885, and also the anniversary of her death on November 8th, 1966.

There will be a communion service at 11am, followed by a bring-and-share lunch soon after noon, and a talk on the murals by Nick Seversway who has led the campaign to restore the murals, and Stella Wiseman.

Kitty Milroy’s now-famous murals were restored in 2021 and are recognised as being of national importance and a jewel in Surrey’s crown. St Mark’s Church was awarded Grade II listed status by Historic England last year, and in March 2022 was shortlisted for a Surrey Historic Buildings Trust Heritage Award.

Kitty’s murals are stunning works of art, and for years she and the murals were overlooked, probably because she was a woman and women’s art was seen as less important as that of men. She painted the murals between 1911 and 1920 and they depict the Annunciation – the meeting between Mary and the Angel Gabriel when Mary is told she will be the mother of Jesus – as well as scenes from the Benedicite, an ancient hymn of praise to God about the wonders of the natural world, and local views. There are figures depicting the natural elements and seasons, and the models for these figures are known to be local people.

The whole is a stunning creation by a hugely talented artist and we invite everyone to come and enjoy them and find out more about them and Kitty herself.

Come and join us on November 6th. If you can’t bring lunch, please come anyway, there will be plenty to share.

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