Support the Kitty Murals!

Following Kitty Milroy’s exposure in the national news, people have been asking us how we can carry on supporting the murals and give Kitty the recognition she deserves.

We need to ensure that they are protected and preserved for generations to come and also spread the news about her and her extraordinary talent. So, we are fundraising for the ongoing conservation and to pay for the roof which has had to be mended to keep the murals safe from the elements.

We’ve set up a fundraising page here:

Please do give to it and help us keep Kitty’s murals in fine shape for posterity.

3 thoughts on “Support the Kitty Murals!”

  1. I love this whole story – reminds me of the murals in the chapel near the Watts Gallery. Is there a connection?

  2. It’s quite probable that there was a link but we’ve not proved it yet. Kitty trained at The Slade and was clearly such a talent that it’s hard to imagine that there is no connection. These were painted between 1911 and 1920 a time of great development in women’s art.
    Hmm, maybe the subject for a book….

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