Family Praise becomes ‘Worship For All’!

Family Praise is changing! From January, Family Praise is being renamed ‘Worship for All’. Keep an eye out for our colourful new banner and flyers. During January and February, the weekly services will focus on the stories of Jesus as he grew up from his flight to Egypt to his teaching in the temple as a teenager. Following this, during Lent we will exploring the ‘Fruits of the Spirit’.

We are introducing a ‘Café style’ church on the second Sunday of each month and Communion will continue to be offered on the fourth Sunday of each month.

The reason for renaming of Family Praise to ‘Worship for All’ is to reflect the development of the 11.30am congregation of St George’s. This service is not just for people with children but a welcoming, informal service suitable for everyone regardless of age.

Do come along and join the ‘Worship for All’ congregation as we explore some interesting themes, praise and worship together.

Worship For All - Spring 2018.jpg

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