Arts and Music festival at St Mark’s 20 – 22nd Oct. 2017

Is this what they call divine inspiration, or is it just a form of madness? Anyway, I blame Dave Walker. It’s not as if we need things to occupy our time. However, the odd comment from Dave on how suitable St Mark’s would be for an art exhibition suddenly set wheels turning in Lesley’s and my fevered brains:-

“Let’s have an Arts and Music festival!”

After checking who would be available for such an event, we settled on Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd October.

We’re still working out the details. So far we’ve only had one meeting (actually over a rather convivial dinner) to discuss the general outline. However, it’s been quite encouraging how many people have been in favour of the concept and offered suggestions.

The main ideas to date are:-

Friday Night (probably 7 – 9:30 or 10-ish). A concert. We’re still sorting out the acts, but we’ll have a couple of pieces on Emily (the pipe organ), a rock band, a rock-a-billy/country band, a choral group and probably others. There will also be an artistic display, or displays, we’ll set up on the Friday afternoon.

Saturday daytime Various workshops of artistic and musical nature. We’ve had several possible offers, including stone cutting and a recording studio. We’ll definitely have various painting, singing and instrumental workshops. More details to follow.

Saturday evening (probably 7 – 10-ish) a Ceilidh. We’ll clear one side of the church for dancing and have tables in the other half. The idea is to have a mixture of dancing and other events, hopefully some stemming from the workshops that took place during the day. There will be quite an early finish, as we’ll have to get the church ready for the service the following morning. We’ll possibly have a bar, but it will be bring your own food, as this is an extra complication I’m not sure any of us could face!

Sunday morning This will be a service. Lesley (S) will lead it. As she is an LLM, it will be a service of the word, rather than a communion service. There’s going to be a lot of singing, of the “Amazing Grace”, and “Go tell it on the mountain” type of song/hymn.

By the end of this, we’ll probably be dead on our feet, but there’s been the suggestion of a bring and share lunch at St Mark’s. This would seem to be a fitting way to end up. (Just prop Lesley and myself up in a corner and carry on!)

General funding would be by asking for donations and having collection plates, rather than charging entry to events. We’d like to make it as accessible as possible. Any profits will go to the General Parish funds (they need all the help they can get) and the Emily restoration fund.

So watch this space, details to follow in as many ways we can think of to publicise the event. If you’ve any good ideas and/or would like to help, please contact us.

Bob and Lesley Shatwell

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