How will you vote?

No, this isn’t an enquiry about which party you support, it is a question about how you will decide which party to support!

Regular readers of this blog will know about “turtles all the way down“, and the concept that if we keep asking why we will eventually reach a statement which is like a mathematical axiom – a starting assumption,which cannot be proven.  Each of us will have some such “statement”, and it is this which determines many of the choices we make.

When voting, if we are going to vote ethically, there is a choice of using rules, consequences or values.  I believe that as a society we have moved from using rules or values to using consequences.  All policies are presented in terms of how they affect us.  The problem is that during the course of a parliament issues arise, and there has been no discussion about them during the campaign.

If we voted based on values then whilst we may disagree with the action taken, at least it would be taken in support of a value with which we agree!  For example, at present we appear to be heading for a hard Brexit; Tony Benn supported leaving the EU, but the idea of doing so on terms which would make workers less secure would have been anathema to him.

So, for me the question is: what values are driving the politicians actions – not what actions do they support; this is a question that I haven’t heard asked very often – and when it is politicians tend not to answer the question (nothing new there – I watched Yes, Prime Minister recently and Jim was explaining to Bernard that in response to a question you make a prepared statement).  Instead they list one of the “turtles” higher up the chain.  I am not sure whether this is because they don’t understand the question, or because if they told us their values then it would make it harder to adopt policies which do not meet those values.

So how do we get to what the politicians values are?  Comments below!


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