Changes to services from 31st May

From the 31st May (Pentecost) we are going to try something slightly different with the Sunday morning online services. So far we have had:

  • 9:30am St John’s
  • 10:00am St George’s
  • 11:00am St Mark’s

In the same way as we did in real life.

However we would like to try instead:

  • 9:30am A more traditional service
  • 10:30am An all-age service

This is because it is quite difficult to explain what the services are like new people who are coming along who haven’t been to a service in one of the buildings. Also, people aren’t coming to the ‘right’ service, especially fringe members – St Mark’s people attending St John’s and St George’s, St George’s people attending St John’s…

Two services will also mean that they will be very different (with different sermons and hymns etc) so those who like to watch more than one service will have a bit more variety. We hope that people from all three churches will be involved in the two services so we should be seeing a variety of faces and voices.

If this is of concern please get in touch with us.


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