Pentecost Service – Your part!

May 31 is Pentecost and the services have more congregational responses than most services.  Please would you video yourself doing the Responses  (below) and send them to Alan by Tuesday 26th May using FileMailTransferXL or PCloud (works better on mobiles).

All responses should be in one take with a good space between them to make editing easier.

If you haven’t done this before, instructions can be found by clicking here.



PLUS… send us  a video of you lighting a candle

2 thoughts on “Pentecost Service – Your part!”

  1. Hi Alan, There was no link, or have I done something or not done something? Michelle

    From Michelle Chapman


  2. Hi Michelle, Stella here. Which link doesn’t work for you? I’ve just tried then and they seem to be OK now but it may be that I messed something up when scheduling the post!

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