Prudence the Piggy went to HSBC

rudence the pig visited HSBC Bank in Farnham last Thursday to ask the bank to stop investing in fossil fuels and instead put its money into renewable energy.

Prudence bore the signatures of members of the churches of St George’s, St John’s and St Mark’s in the parish of Badshot Lea and Hale, and was presented to the bank by the Reverends Lesley and Alan Crawley, joint rectors in the parish, along with parishioners Helena and David Walker and Sorrell Price.

Lesley Crawley explained that the pig was a petition and was part of the Big Shift campaign by the charity Christian Aid to ask the banks to change where they invested their customers’ money and to put this money into renewable energy for the sake of the planet.

She told a representative of HSBC: “We want the bank to divest from fossil fuels and invest in something either neutral or good to help counter climate change.”

HSBC agreed to accept the petition and to send it to head office, where it will join others from around the UK.

Rev’d Crawley added: “Laura Mead, the regional co-ordinator at Christian Aid, contacted all the banks in Farnham to ask them to accept the Big Shift petition, but HSBC was the only one who would receive us.”

For more information on Christian Aid’s Big Shift campaign, visit

Stella Wiseman

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