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Your March magazine is here

The March parish magazine is here filled with plenty of news about the parish, including the Lent groups, the Seekers service, an encouragement to ‘Pray for 5’, the Literary Festival, groups and events, and the new Badshot Leader. The Badshot Leader was first produced 46 years ago and has been relaunched by the Badshot Lea Community Association in conjunction with the parish. It will appear in the magazine every two months and it can also be received directly from the Association – see page 19 of the magazine.

There are lots of advertisers too – please use them and tell them that you saw them in the magazine.


Pictured above is a scene from The Chosen which we are discussing for Lent. Picture courtesy of The Chosen, Angel Studios.

Lent 2023 – The Chosen

This year Lent Groups will be following a course based around the drama series The Chosen, the story of four Biblical characters and the impact Jesus had on them.

We will be watching six episodes over the course of Lent and discussing these, following guided notes. There will be a number of groups across the parish, on a Tuesday evening and a Thursday afternoon, plus an online one on Wednesdays evening.

We are hoping to run one more subject to their being a host available. If you are interested in any of the groups or want to know more, please contact Stella – revd.stella@badshotleaandhale.org. If you would like to host a Lent group please also let Stella know.