Lent 2023 – The Chosen

This year Lent Groups will be following a course based around the drama series The Chosen, the story of four Biblical characters and the impact Jesus had on them.

We will be watching six episodes over the course of Lent and discussing these, following guided notes. There will be a number of groups across the parish, on a Tuesday evening and a Thursday afternoon, plus an online one on Wednesdays evening.

We are hoping to run one more subject to their being a host available. If you are interested in any of the groups or want to know more, please contact Stella – revd.stella@badshotleaandhale.org. If you would like to host a Lent group please also let Stella know.

2 thoughts on “Lent 2023 – The Chosen”

  1. Dear Stella,I know that I mentioned possibly joining a Lent group – however, I’m injured at the moment and for a while probably not doing much!A bit of an accident with my car rolling backwards while I was standing next to it ( don’t ask!!) Luckily only me injured as the open car door knocked me flying. Car got stopped by a fence, so could have been much worse.I have been so shaken, I can’t think about it. Damaged ankle and bruised ribs etc etc.Gillian 😫Sent from my Galaxy

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