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Art at St Mark’s, Unlimited!

The Song of Simeon

“Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace,
according to thy word:
For mine eyes have seen thy salvation,
Which thou hast prepared before the face of all people;
A light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of thy people Israel.”

So what’s that all about? 

Well, the story of it is that when Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the Temple as a baby, an old man called Simeon met them.  Simeon had been promised that he would see the Messiah and so he recognised Jesus.  Simeon was so delighted that he couldn’t keep from singing and we have his song remembered in Luke’s Gospel (Luke 2:29-32). 

For our art theme this time, take the words of the Song of Simeon, read them through and see which phrase jumps out at you.  You can use whichever version of the words you like, I like the King James version (above) but you may have another copy of the Bible which uses slightly different words, or trying looking online – search Luke 2:29-32.  I’ve put another version at the end of this message.

Remember, art is unlimited – it could be a picture, but it could be a poem, or sculpture, collage of model.  I have been working on a piece of jewellery.   

So whatever art it is, photograph your work and send it to me
(LLM Lesleyllm.lesley@badshotleaandhale.org ).  Also, tell me why you chose these particular words and I will put an online exhibition together.  Please sign your work so I know it is your own and confirm that you are happy for us to exhibit it online and in St Mark’s

Closing date for receipt of photos: Sunday 31 January – which is in time for Candlemas, the date when the church remembers the story of Simeon.

(We will have a display which you can see at St Mark’s too, so bring your work there if you can.)

Just in case the King James’ version of the song doesn’t appeal to you, here is another:

“Now, Lord, you have kept your promise,
    and you may let your servant go in peace.
With my own eyes I have seen your salvation,
    which you have prepared in the presence of all peoples:
A light to reveal your will to the Gentiles
    and bring glory to your people Israel.”

What are you waiting for?  I want to see that art!

Join the Online Art Club

Thank-you so much to our artists for contributing to the June theme which was flowers. Here is the video gallery and an introduction to the July theme, a self-portrait with a special thing – could be an object or a pet. You can send in drawings, paintings, collage, craft or photographs.

Here is a bit of information about some of the artists – please send me more about what inspires you and why you paint:

Janice Edmunds runs a small, friendly art group in the Sands.

Joan Thompson has been attending the group since 2007 when she retired from work.

Jean Hazleden has been painting for the last eighteen years, something she took up after she retired.

Susan Everitt writes, “I have sketched and painted since I was very small and I have attended many art classes and courses over the years, but it is only since I retired 8 years ago as a teacher at Hale School, that I have been able to really indulge this interest. I have been going to a Farnham U3A painting group regularly during this time and this has helped to develop my confidence and technique. Like many others, the recent Lockdown has encouraged me to paint more often and try different methods and ideas. Inspiration comes from many sources. Often my own or others’ photographs, ideas I find in art magazines or through the art group, my garden – especially in the summer, animals, beautiful scenery.”