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Messy Church is here!

Messy Church takes place on the third Thursday of each month at St Mark’s Church, 3.30-5.15pm, so this month’s is tomorrow: Thursday, May 19. Please join us.

The theme is Jonah and the Whale and there will be games, craft, songs and hot food for everyone. Children must be supervised. To book, find out more or help out, contact Michelle: youth@badshotleaandhale.org

Your October magazine is out!

The latest parish magazine is out, full of information about what is going on in your community here in North Farnham, and reflections on life and faith.

This month we consider generosity, particularly generosity of spirit, and celebrate the joy of the recent Confirmation service in the parish. There’s a collection of clothing and other items for refugees, a campaign for a new cancer centre, the return of Messy Church, an invitation to take part in the Big Draw and in a pet service and a reflection on the fact that pets are good for us. All these, along with local community news, local businesses and ideas, prayer and reflection, if you click below:

New Youth Minister in the Parish

We have a new Youth Minister—Michelle Chapman.

Michelle will be a familiar face to the St George’s congregation, to those who attend Bible Book Club, or watch the Toddler services. She joined the parish just before lockdown and has become a key member already. Now she is stepping up her involvement by taking on the role of volunteer Youth Minister.

Over to Michelle for more:

My role as a youth minister

Having worked most of my adult life with children and youth why stop?

I love being a part of the lives of all children and young people. The work is challenging at times, but everyday is different and learning for me never stops. I am constantly learning new vocabulary and I have had my share of explaining some new words to some very elderly ladies, thinking ‘arrrgh, just how do I explain that one?’. One in particular sticks in my mind; do ask me when you see me. If you embarrass easily, then think beforehand!

I am very excited to be appointed as Youth Minister and have already enjoyed leading (with the help of many volunteers over the weeks; thank you to all) the communion-before-confirmation classes and confirmation classes. It great to see our young people develop their faith and discuss the big questions even though we don’t have the answers. It’s a privilege to see our young people progress onto the next part of their Christian journey.

My role will also involve developing the church school links, finding out what the church can do for the schools in the parish. It is a great opportunity to make a difference to the lives of young people within the parish.

The Youth Minister role cannot work without volunteers, so please do get involved where you can. We will be re-starting Messy Church in October and there is an exciting plan in the pipeline for a school-church link which will also involve volunteers during the school day. If you would like to get involved and make a difference to the young people within the parish, please do make contact and keep an eye open on the newssheet.

Every so often I will send out a plea, and even though this is my first write up, today is no exception: Please can you wash and save your single portion yoghurt pots and any glass jars big enough for a battery operated tealight.

Many thanks

Michelle Chapman

To contact Michelle, email michelle.chapman@ntlworld.com or call 07876115458.