Different faiths and miracles

Interfaith Women’s Group

The next Interfaith Women’s Group will take place at St Mark’s Church on Saturday, May 20th2.30-4pm when we will be talking about miracles. How does our faith influence our view of miracles, what do we mean by them, do they happen now?

The group is a joint venture between the parish and Lajna Ima’illah, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association and usually takes place on the fourth Saturday of each month at St Mark’s but is earlier this month because of the forthcoming half-term.

The group discusses topics that most concern us today, such as social media, gender-based violence, inclusion, education, equality, bringing up children and many more. There is also plenty of tea and cake!

Women of all faiths and none are welcome.

To find out more, contact Stella Wiseman.

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