Art @ St Mark’s

Anyone gasping for a cup of coffee and more art?

Our next coffee mornings with art are

Thursday 6 January and Thursday 3 February 2022

10.30 – 12.30

St Mark’s Church, Alma Lane, Farnham  GU9 0LT

We are going to be entering our work into the Maltings Unseen Artists exhibition, which takes place on the weekend of 19-20 February.  It is a marvellous opportunity to see our work on show in the town so we need lots of art to make a good display.

We are taking as our theme “St Mark’s”, so we need to get our artistic thinking caps on:-what St Mark’s means to us; Kitty Milroy Murals; and there’s always the winged lion emblem of St Mark; or perhaps a sketch of one of our services …  We will be bringing along a few ideas to the coffee mornings to get us started.  Or alternatively, why not come along for a chat and a cuppa? 

Drop in – 10.30 – 12.30 and who knows, you may find yourself picking up a pencil and trying a quick sketch.

If you are unable to get to our sessions and yet desperate to be part of Unseen Artists, you can drop your art off at any of our services at St Mark’s or send me a photo of your work.

(Lesley Shatwell – email:

To comply with copyright laws, it must be all entirely your own work.

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