Generosity – Day 1

A good person produces good from the good treasure of his heart…because the mouth speaks from the overflow of the heart. 

Luke 6:45


On the Day of Pentecost, one minute Jesus’s followers were inside four walls waiting for the unknown – uncertain and timorous; the next they were tumbling into the street, praise to God pouring out of them as the Holy Spirit had been poured into them. Onlookers, unbelievers and the religious alike were stopped in their tracks. The church was born and was on the move! From their ‘holy huddle’ to impacting a city, a nation and the world. 

When God fills our lives, we just can’t contain it. His goodness and love are so abundant that we are literally flooded out! And that leaking of love is designed to touch the lives of the world around us, in turn arresting others with God’s amazing love. Here in Cornwall, the beauty of our landscape often speaks for itself and holds our gaze but we also want our words and subsequently our actions to be a reflection of the grace and beauty of our Lord Jesus, drawing attention to Him. Has God filled your heart with good treasure? Then God expects it to overflow to others through your words, impressing them not with your own wisdom but with His power.

Jenny Wreford, Generous Giving Advisor, Truro Diocese


Are your words full of grace and kindness, truth and hope? Ask God to fill you afresh. Then pick up the phone to a hurting friend or greet a lonely neighbour and bless them today with life giving, Christ centred words.

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