Gifts and how to use them

What gifts do you have that you might use and which God might be calling you to use? Are you a great listener, a keen cook, someone who can transform a room with a bit of colour and style? Do you like to pray for people? Are you practical? Musical? Artistic? Can you sit alongside someone when they are having a hard time? Can you relate to all ages?  All these, and many more, are gifts and it may be that God is calling you to use them.

Starting next Tuesday evening (20th), we are we are running a special five-week course on Zoom which will look at our spiritual gifts, passions and personal style, as it is out of these that our calling is likely to come.

The course will be at 7.30pm-9pm every Tuesday on Zoom from April 20 to May 18.

If you’d like the details contact or 07842761919 or email Alan on

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