Farnham Festival of Remembrance

This year the Farnham Festival of Remembrance is online.

With thanks to:
The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP
Cllr Pat Evans, Mayor of Farnham
Jonathan Jones
Lt Jonathan Huse, POWRR
Sea Cadets Aidan, Bastie and Ella
Sara Burnie, Waverley Singers
Cdt Sgt Peacefull,
Aldershot Army Cadet Force
Farnham Heath End School
Badshot Lea Village School
Folly Hill School
Hale School
William Cobbett School
Farnham Brass Band
Olivia Jasper
FHES – Abbi, Madison, Elinor
Finn & Megan
Hale Scouts – Amberley May
The Rev’d Michael Hopkins
The Kay Family – St Mark’s
St John’s Choir
The Rev’d David Uffindell
Ian Hunter – Royal British Legion
The Rev’d John Morris
Bob Skinner
Sean Malik

3 thoughts on “Farnham Festival of Remembrance”

  1. Thank you for the beautiful and moving Remembrance Service, I enjoyed it very much.

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