As you may have seen on other posts on this site, we are currently investigating joining Inclusive Church.  At Greenbelt this year the Sunday Communion was based around the idea that:

If we allow anyone to be excluded, either by accident or thoughtlessness or prejudice, we will see God less clearly.

The reading was by someone with CFS so bad that they could not leave their home, and so they gave it over the web.  The sermon by a 14-year-old with cerebral palsy using her voice synthesiser (described as like Stephen Hawking, but sounding better!).

What kind of challenge does that give to us?  How do we include those who cannot get to church?  I have only a partial answer, many churches will visit (and take communion) to those who are housebound, and at St Michael’s in Amersham on the Hill (and others I am sure) services are recorded and taken to the housebound.  However, I fear that these initiatives serve mostly those who were churchgoers and have become infirm – not those who have not so far engaged with church.

As I said, no real answers, but a real challenge.

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