What is transferable?

Last night I was speaking with someone who has just changed their job, and they were talking about their new role, and the things that they were learning.  Much as with yesterdays post, where I learnt from a new experience, it struck me that when we do something new, in any sphere of life, it can at the very least illuminate something about our faith journey and service.

Looking back over my life I find it amazing how many of the things that I learnt in industry are applicable (perhaps with adaptation) in the church.

I was once told a story of how someone was introduced to the Bishop as “our head sidesman (sic)”, when in his day job he was CEO of a reasonable sized company.

God does not just work with us in church, but in the whole of our lives.  We can take things that we learn outside the church and use them to the benefit of the church and vice versa.  (We can also take the church into work – but that is a different post).

What skills have you developed outside the church that you can bring in?  And what have you learnt inside the church that you can take out?

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