A Non Anxious Presence

A while ago Lesley and I did a course and they encouraged us to be a non anxious presence.  You may wonder what that means – though it is self explanatory!

Do you recognise that some people seem to carry anxiety?  Just being in their presence makes you feel anxious?

Do you recognise the things that make you anxious?

  • Fear of what other people may think of you?
  • Fear of doing something wrong?
  • Fear that you aren’t good enough?
  • Add in your own favourite fear here!

One of the most frequent set of words in the Bible is “Do not be afraid” (67) or “Do not fear” (58).

If we can give up on our own desires and trust in God (and I’m not saying this is easy) then that anxiety fades away.  If instead of wanting a particular outcome we can desire that God’s will be done, then what is there to fear?

And if we can present a non anxious presence to others it can be catching, helping them to let go of their fears (well, sometimes).

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