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Help the NHS by making scrubs and donating material

We are joining in the national efforts to make scrubs for the NHS and we need your help!

Doctors and nurses at our hospitals are running short of scrubs – the plain clothes they wear when caring for patients – so volunteers are getting out their sewing machines and making them, while others are donating material, including old duvet covers, pillowcases, sheets and tablecloths. The scrubs are then being sent to Frimley Park Hospital by representatives of the group ‘Scrub Hub – Making Scrubs for Frimley Park Hospital’.

Anne Young from the parish has made her porch in Badshot Lea the collecting point for both donated material and completed scrubs. She is also emailing out instructions and patterns to anyone who would like them. A representative of the Scrub Hub group is then picking them up on an almost daily basis.

Anne said: “People can come and pick up material from my porch – or drop it off there – and when they have made the items they need to wash them at 60 degrees, dry them and put them in a bag with the date on them, then leave them in my porch. The person who picks them up then keeps them for at least three days to ensure that there is no risk of the virus being on them, then takes them to Frimley Park.

“They can be made of any material as long as it is suitable for washing at 60 degrees and nothing has to match. I’ve heard there are doctors wearing tops with pineapples on them and trousers with meerkats! Pillowcases are particularly good for making the bags. The only thing is please don’t use elastic as they are washed so often at a high temperature that they don’t last.”

Anne will send out instructions and details of where pick up and drop off the material and scrubs to anyone who can help. To offer help, or for further information, contact Stella Wiseman  and she will put you in touch with Anne.