Embodied worship

This month we are starting an Embodied Worship series which will help us experience the practice of our faith through our bodies. We will start with an invitation to go outdoors in the early evening of Thursday, September 15. We will meet in Farnham Park, at the entrance from Oast House Lane, from 7pm and spend some time simply being outside, listening, touching, smelling, seeing, even tasting the world around us.

In subsequent weeks there will be the chance to walk a labyrinth, discover journalling, try some multi-sensory prayer, make some bread and share it, and have a taster of Tai Chi.

Embodied worship reminds us that we are physical creatures and that everything we experience is through our bodies. Even our thoughts come through our bodies – our brains are physical parts of us. The rituals we use, our movements, the processes by which we respond to God, are all embodied and we worship an incarnate God, for God took flesh in an entirely radical way and was born in a human body.

For details, contact Stella Wiseman, revd.stella@badshotleaandhale.org, 07842 761919.

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