Help Us make Mothering Sunday special

Mothering Sunday is on March 14 and we will be holding special services in church and online. What’s more, we need your help.

If there is a new baby in the family who was born during the pandemic, we’d love to include a picture in our online service. Please do send a picture of your little one to Alan Crawley.

Also, could you video your young children recording a message saying ‘I love you Mummy’ or something similar? Again, we’d love to put that in the online service so please send your video to Alan.

The service will be here on March 14.

We will also be holding services in church with daffodils for mothers and other special people, and lots to get all ages involved.

We have taken precautions to keep our churches Covid-secure (please follow the guidelines) and we welcome you all to the services which will be at St John’s, Hale, at 9.30am, St George’s, Badshot Lea, at 10am, and St Mark’s, Upper Hale, at 11am.

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