Art at St Mark’s, Unlimited

Art doesn’t just stop because our world is locked down.
Artists create art and art breaks free from boundaries.  Art is unlimited.
And right now, art is more important than ever.  Sadly we are unable to meet regularly at the moment, but that doesn’t stop us from making art.

As soon as our churches re-open, I will be accepting your artwork for our display in St Mark’s, but in the meantime, we are going online – “unlimited”!

Unlimited – open to all (and all means all, not just St Mark’s folk).  Mixed ability, mixed ages, mixed backgrounds ….  Paintings, drawings, photos, collages, sculpture, mixed media – visual art …

you’re an artist if you are an artist

So what are you waiting for?

Our current theme is Christmas Carols

Simply illustrate your favourite carol and in a couple of lines tell us why you have chosen this and what it means to you.  Perhaps you have happy memories of singing the carol, perhaps it almost paints itself just through the words.

Photograph your work and send it to me:  LLM Lesley:  My email is
Include a few lines about why you have chosen this carol and we will have an online gallery.

There will be a display of the artwork in St Mark’s as soon as our churches re-open – and all being well, our first service is on 6 December, so why not bring your art along. 

Closing date for email receipt of photographs is
Sunday, 13 December, so get creating!

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