Aly’s chop aims for the heart of the matter

Aly Buckle (pictured above), who goes to St Mark’s, has had the chop. Her lovely long hair is now a bob, and the hair that her husband Derek (also pictured) cut off with his garden shears and wallpaper scissors (or that was the threat!) has been donated to Little Princess Trust to make wigs for children who have lost their hair because of cancer.

But not only is she donating her hair, Aly is also raising money for the British Heart Foundation. Derek, as Aly explains, has been a heart patient for many years having had multiple heart heart attacks in his forties resulting in cardiac arrest. He was resuscitated and, as she says “is in his seventies and still beating! We are so blessed and grateful for all the treatment he has received.”

Aly has set up a fundraising page for the British Heart Foundation in gratitude for the help Derek has received. You can find it here. Please give generously.

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