Scrub Update

Yesterday we told you about Liz Larkin and her amazing 700 visors sent as personal protective equipment (PPE) to the Scrub Hub for Frimley Park Hospital and also to doctors’ surgeries.

Today here is a small update from the Scrub Hub for which many of you are busy making scrubs, masks and caps. The Scrub Hub has made more than 2,100 pieces.

Anne Young, who is co-ordinating efforts in the parish, writes:

I have been asked to pass on truly grateful thanks to all who have contributed to this amazing number of essential items and to also let you know that scrubs and scrub caps are still urgently needed, but at the moment, they have sufficient scrub bags.  if you are still sewing or have made some bags, please drop them off at my house, but if you could change from bags to caps or scrubs, it would be most appreciated.

I now have paper patterns here for both the caps and scrubs themselves, so please send me an email if you would like me to reserve one for you.  I have plenty of fabric, so please continue to help yourself to as much as you need. (I have at least double the amount still in my garage, so don’t hold back on the quantity you take away).”

Just to prove how important the work is, here is some information from Diane Andrews from Frimley Park:

  1. Each person will go through about three scrubs a day or more, as each time they change wards or patient they need a new set
  2. A delivery of 8,000 masks, such as the one they received last week, will last them a day!
  3. Not only is the hospital still dealing with Covid patents, but because of the opening up of outpatient clinics, every patient will need a mask, and for each change of patient the doctor and nurse will need to change their mask and other PPE.

A huge ‘thank-you’ to everyone. Your donations and your work are saving lives.

Picture by H. Shaw on Unsplash.

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