The Lord’s Prayer

Each day during Thy Kingdom Come – the period of prayer between Ascension and Pentecost (May 21-31 this year) – a different member of the parish will appear on a video saying a version of the Lord’s Prayer.

Day 11: One of the joys of the Lord’s Prayer is that it is said by millions around the world – a wonderful sharing. Here are just a few of us:

Day 10: a musical version provided by three Lesley Shatwells and two Bob Shatwells!

Day nine, and Stella Wiseman chooses a version of the Lord’s Prayer which is rooted in nature and an inclusive spirituality. It comes from The Earth Cries Glory by Steven Shakespeare (c) Steven Shakespeare 2019. Published by Canterbury Press. Used by permission.

On day eight, John Evans sings a plainsong version of the new translation which churches arrived at in the mid-20th century, and gives us the history of its development. He also explains the doxology at the end: ‘For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours now and forever’.

Day seven, and Alan Crawley takes us back to the 1970s with the Series Three version of the Lord’s Prayer:

Day six: John Innes explains that The Lord’s Prayer “starts with the finishing line”. It is presented in the opposite way that many people practise prayer – ie a plea for help, but John explains that “Jesus teaches the prayer as one who has arrived”. He then prays the Presbyterian version:

Day five: One of Lesley Crawley’s favourite versions is by Rev Bret Myers which she loves for its accessible language:

Day four: What if God suddenly interrupted and had a chat?

On day three, Margaret Emberson has recorded a beautiful musical Lord’s Prayer, in which she sings two parts and also plays the piano:

On the second day of Thy Kingdom Come, Wendy Edwards has recorded a version she has written herself:

Alan started the series with the version we use every Sunday in church when we could meet in the actual buildings, and still use every Sunday in our online services.

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