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Table Talk for Older Youth

We tried out Table Talk for Youth last night. I thought it was really good – we had a really interesting conversation for an hour about social media, cyber bullying, teenage issues and much more. I learned a huge amount about what teenagers face and all of us had the opportunity to talk freely about questions we were interested in.

I think this resource is a great way of getting to know each other. There was no spiritual discussion in this one but I can see that some of the other topics would lend themselves to this more easily.

If anyone wants to join us (aged about 14-18) then please let me know 🙂 The chocolate and grapes are of course a benefit too – thanks Stella 🙂

The Good Shepherd or the Hired Hand?

I really loved Pray As You Go today – worth a listen.

The part that challenged me particularly was this:

Jesus talks about the differences between the good shepherd and the hired hand – in the degree of commitment and responsibility, the depth of relationship, the time and care, and even love, that is given – differences that set Jesus apart from false prophets, but that might also prompt me to question myself.  What does the image of the good shepherd and the hired hand say about my commitment, the depth of my relationships, the time and care and love that I give?

It reminded me of something that the Diocesan Youth Adviser said on a recent training course that here in Surrey we are used to paying for things. We don’t want to do our cleaning so we hire someone to do it for us. We don’t want to do youth work so we hire someone to do that too. But how does it make the youth feel? They can see right through it. He then went on to say that youth groups that have 5 or more members of the congregation helping out keep 80% of the youth into adulthood. Those that have just the youth leader or vicar and one other keep 10%. It is all about the quality of the love that is shown, and it is shown in commitment.