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Count your Carnival Blessings

This year, for the first time, there will be the opportunity to visit a Prayer Tent at Hale Carnival on the 4th July. The churches in North Farnham – Hale Methodists, Holy Family Catholics, Bethel Baptists, Weybourne Baptists and the Anglicans will be joining together to give carnival-goers this opportunity.

Those attending the Carnival will be able to visit various ‘prayer stations’ where they can leave a prayer request and find some quiet space and time to pray. Outside the tent will be prayer stations for children where they can also offer their hopes and dreams to God.

The Reverend Lesley Crawley said, “I am really excited about the prayer tent – so many people find prayer much easier when they visit prayer stations and do something symbolic such as dropping pebbles in water to let go of burdens or writing prayers for people and putting them on prayer trees. I hope that those who come along to the prayer tent find it a beautiful and peaceful space.”

If you would like to help man the prayer tent or put together the prayer stations then please contact Lesley on 01252 820537 or email revdlesley@gmail.com