What could God be calling you to do?

The current situation probably feels like a wilderness. It certainly does to me. Sometimes we can come out of wildernesses with new ideas and new directions, or at least a sense that something new will emerge.

This could be a time to consider if you have a new calling. That may be to a new career, a new relationship, a renewal of an old one, a new way of looking at something. It could be to a new way of serving others. It could be to a new way of serving the church. It could even be to ordained ministry (it happens apparently…). It will be unique to you in your own life. In a piece in the Church Times recently, Rev’d John Page reflected: “Maybe the only vocation is the one we all share: the call to compas­sion. But it is for each one of us to work out what that means in the specifics of our own life.”

Here are two people talking about their call to ordination. Have a chat with Alan or Lesley if you want to know more.



Image by changds from Pixabay.

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