The Church Cat

(There might have been a Church Mouse but, hey, I got here first…)


Greetings! I am the Church Cat and I have graciously acquiesced to a request to share my thoughts with you. I shall do so when I have had a nap.

Some hours later…

It is, I hear, Easter, a time of new life, small creatures (alright, we won’t dwell on those), chocolate eggs (we won’t dwell on those either as cats don’t like chocolate) and celebrations. These celebrations often disturb my repose in the churchyard but this year it is all very quiet. In fact, it seems that you humans are staying in at the moment.

I think this is an excellent idea as it means that the roads are quiet and therefore safer for us cats, and you are in your homes to provide us with treats, warm laps, and even warmer laptops to sit xjioajireua98-vn uav a . What do you mean that I am not helping you work?

But I am told that some of you are finding this new way of life hard. As a cat, empathy is not my strong point but I have some advice. Be more cat. We rest. We snooze in the sun, or on top of radiators, or on our servants’ stomachs, or anywhere else warm. We are capable of huge affection (and we sometimes deign to show it). We rest. We eat. We work out what is important and do that. No more. We rest. We purr. We watch the world go by. Did I mention that we rest? There is no point in worrying – it doesn’t add an hour to your life as someone once said. So we rest. We just are.

Oh, and we rest.

Right, time for a nap.


As a church cat I am obliged to take some of this rest near theology books, so I decided to have my picture taken with some as I settled down for a well-deserved rest after all that writing.


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