Dixie and Joy Lettering

Dixie & Joy Lettering is owned by Lisa Wheatley and her online shop sells unique hand-drawn and hand-lettered cards and prints.

Lisa loves art, loves words, loves quotes and intricate phrases, loves the Bible, loves a whole plethora of crafts and loves to design on her iPad. She was raised in a family where both art and words were always celebrated.

Lisa is thankful for her fantastic husband and 5 amazing children, a daughter-in-law and the most delightful grandson. Her Christian faith is at the core of her life and many of her cards and prints are words from the Bible or from Christian hymns and songs as well as being about home and family. 

All Dixie & Joy prints are sold unframed so that all her items can be sent with free postage in the UK; this also means that you can choose your own frame to match the decor of the room that you want to hang the print in. Some of her cards can be personalised. 

Prices range from £2.95 – £6.50.

In May 2019 Lisa’s lovely Dad died from Parkinson’s Disease and she knew that she wanted his name to somehow be a part of her shop’s name when she started it in October last year.  His name was Richard, which doesn’t quite have the right ring to it for a shop name – however, DIXIE is the female version of Richard and Lisa thinks it has the perfect ring to it! And JOY is one of her daughter’s middle names and is also a word full of hope and promise, particularly with regards to the Christian faith.   

Lisa cares about the environment so the ‘cello’ bags in which your card or print will be enclosed is NOT made of plastic but is made from renewable corn or other starches and is both biodegradable and compostable.


Serving the Villages North of Farnham: Badshot Lea, Hale, Heath End & Weybourne