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The Bug Hotel

A hotel has sprung up in the grounds of St Marks Church! The four story building with Victorian roof tiles is now ready to receive guests. These guests will not be paying however because it is a bug hotel!!

Constructed by the Adventurers it has been made completely from recycled materials and it is hoped that the residents will be beneficial to the orchard and other plantings. Many different habitats have been include with bricks, hay, pipes and wood in the hope that a wide variety of different species will take up residence!

On Monday the Adventurers went looking for residents. There are a number of snails and some spiders living there at the moment. Please let us know if you find any interesting creatures!

A Baptism on the same day as Princess Charlotte

On Sunday 5th July, little Isla-Rose Pearl Roberts was baptised at St John’s Church in the Parish of Badshot Lea and Hale by the Reverend Lesley Crawley. Isla-Rose was there with her were mum and dad – Nikki and David – and her big sister Lauren as well as all the rest of her family and friends.

Lesley commented, “We love baptising children in the the three churches of the Parish of Badshot Lea and Hale. They are baptised during the normal Sunday Services so that the regular congregation can officially welcome the newest members of the church. We aim to be congregations who provide a spiritual family for all those who are baptised.”

Nikki said, “Isla-Rose Pearl’s baptism was so wonderful, the service was absolutely beautiful and I was filled with joy when she was welcomed into the church. It means a lot for my children to be baptised because although a busy work and home life restricts me from attending church as much as I would like, I often think of God and pray for all of my family and friends.”

If you would like to know more about baptism (also known as Christening) then contact Lesley on or 01252 820537.

LEGO enthusiasts needed

There is a growing excitement in many places about the benefits of structured LEGO clubs for building social and communication skills, especially for those who struggle in this area. It is not simply about collecting a group of children together and providing them with LEGO blocks. The children are in groups of three with an adult supervisor. A clear set of ‘LEGO Club’ rules are agreed upon and the group meets on a regular basis to collaborate in LEGO brick building activities, tailored to the skill level of the participants. The tasks are divided up – one has the instructions – ‘the architect’, one has the LEGO blocks – ‘the supplier’ and one assembles the LEGO – ‘the builder’. The tasks are completed using verbal and non-verbal communication, collaboration and sharing. Research shows that these groups benefit those who attend immensely. We would like to start a LEGO club at St. Marks Church, Alma Lane, GU9 0LT and so LEGO Enthusiasts are wanted for a few hours a month to help run this exciting new venture. Full training will be provided and there will be a requirement to be DBS checked and to attend safeguarding training. This is a “Families Matter Project”. For more information please call me, Jane Voake, on 07827 567 014 Email:

Changes to Graves in St John’s Churchyard

St John’s Churchyard is a special place, a place of great beauty and historical value and a tranquil place for quiet reflection. However, on his last visit, the Archdeacon of Surrey found that the churchyard at St John’s was not conforming to the churchyard regulations and has instructed the Joint Rectors, the Reverends Alan and Lesley Crawley, to rectify this. They have written to the next of kin of all the people buried in the churchyard in the last three years, explaining the situation. However, they do not have the contact details of everyone who has been buried at St John’s.

The rules are much stricter in churchyards than cemeteries, for instance balloons, lights and statues are not permitted. The family of the deceased bear the cost of any memorials and of maintaining them but they do not own the grave space and the church has the task of keeping the churchyard in good order. The regulations specify that the churchyard is a lawned area with headstones, giving a spacious, peaceful and prayerful feel.

The Reverend Alan Crawley says:

“We recognise that the grave of a loved one is a sacred space and we don’t want to add to the grief of the families. A small number of graves do not comply with the churchyard regulations and we have been instructed to ensure that they do. This is obviously a very sensitive issue and we want to talk it through with the families first. It is complicated by the regulations changing over the years, so for instance older graves have surrounds around them that are not permitted today. We would like to ask anyone who is concerned to get in contact with us.”