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Laughter, loppers and lots achieved!

Working party –  St George’s – July 11th.

Whenever there is a request to ‘come along’ to a working party, what’s your reaction?   Is it, ‘I’m too busy’, or ‘ That’s not intended for me’.    Actually, it is a fantastic way to get to know people – working alongside someone gives the opportunity to natter –  it builds fellowship – you begin to make friends.

The rose gardens at St. George’s were planted many years ago by Bob and Cecily Woodlands.   Sadly, over the last few years they have become overgrown and sad.   Many of the trees were also in need of pruning.    We are very grateful to Gillian and Kevin Hyman for keeping the bedding plants along the walls pretty, but we needed a working party to make the Church gardens feel loved again.    We took the opportunity to give the Church a bit of a spring clean too – the brass, particularly needed attention.

So, on a bright Saturday morning, we turned out to polish, prune, weed and deadwood.  After a couple of hours, things looked so much better and we had a real sense of achievement.  It didn’t take long.   We laughed and worked in fellowship.  We haven’t finished yet – certain work needs the permission of the Archdeacon and the car park area also need attention – so expect more invitations to join in the party.  Maybe, next time, you may be more inclined to come along.

Maxine Everitt